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Our Loma Verde Hotel is located in the heart of the central highlands, in the picturesque province of Concepción (20 Km. from the city of Huancayo) in the beautiful "Mantaro Valley" which has a diversity of attractions, being enchanted by the beauty of the surroundings, the spectacular blue sky, with a sunrise surrounded by y the singing of the birds of the region and the warm highland sun.

We invite you to discover and live an unforgettable adventure in the perfect retreat, full of magic and mystery surrounded by nature and fresh air, away from the stress and bustle of the city.



Dirección: Av. Leopoldo Peña 770 Tambo Alapa Concepcion – Huancayo Teléfonos: (51 1) 447 3093 Anexo 206 - (51 64) 581569 Nextel: 824*7772 / 406*5701 Mail: reservas@lomaverdeperu.com